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Advertising Constructions
Billboards, Architectural Constructions, Coverage of Exhibitions,
Signs, Banners, Wallpapers, Floor Graphics, Banner Stands, Posters,
Industrial Area Decoration, Exhibition Stands


Large Format Printing

The new Digital Printing unit includes high quality technical equipment (including a 5m plotter printer) and experienced professionals, which enables our company to enrich its activities in the field of Graphic Arts and Packaging and develop further in the field of Digital Large Format Printing.


Materials we can use:

• Canvas (PVC)
• For Decorative purposes (lifespan 1-2 years), classification based in Permanent and Removable.
• Polymeric Decals: Indoor and outdoor (lifespan 5-8 years), mostly on flat surfaces.
• Moulded Stickers: Application to surfaces with curves.
• Coloured Signs
• Decoration: Textured lamination , sandblasting on glass with printing or cut designs.
• One Way Vision
• Backlit material: In film, sticker or canvas.
• Net (Mesh): Outdoor Application on buildings but also many other applications.
• Canvas, Kapa Fix with double glue, Kapa Line, Foamex
• Plexiglas

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