Just In

Orbit & 5Gum - Custom Car-Shapped Press Kit!
Snails (SafeNails) - Wooden Presentation Stand with embedded LCD screen.
Coca-Cola 3E - Limited Bottle Collection for Crete!
Thesauri Caviar - Premium Packaging with Freeze Pack for Caviar!
Psihogios Publications - Harry Potter Boxset 1-7
TEDxAthens Edge
Desk Stand -
Wine Box [Magnum Edition] - Tsakanikas Winery
Korres Golden Krocus Elixir - Youth Elexir (Packaging)
Knorr Stand - Pasta και Rice Snack Pots Presentation Stand
Rotating Presentation Stand – Toi&Moi - Ant1
Museum of Cycladic Art – Puzzle with Violin Shape figurine
Unilever Wooden Stand - "Tastes from Asia"
Green Cola – Company Presentation Booklet
Korres Lip Care - Mini Desk Stands
Coca-Cola 3E - «Kiss Happiness» Promo Boxes
3E Mixability Book - Bartenders' Guidelines for best serving coctails!
Rowenta Desk Stand - "Silence Steam"
Psichogios Publications Harry Potter - Promo Box!
Hassett Green - For the relaxed moments!
Amita Stand - Wooden Premium Stand
Nivea Packaging - For you!
NUTS 'N NUTS - Pistachio Premium Boxes
Presentation Kit - "SIMPLEfi" from WIND!
Royal Deli - Food Expo Greece 2016
Μ&Μ’s Limited Edition - MEGA Experience Kit!
Unilever - “Personal Care” Beauty Book 2016
Tsakiris Chips - Natural Wooden Stand
Mushroom Museum - Food Expo Greece 2016
Cat treats for adventurous cats! – “Catisfactions”
Douwe Egberts - Wooden "In Room Solution" Presentation Box.
Large Format Truck Wrap - Mövenpick Ice Creams
Prison Break Canvas – FOX Greece
Rotating Presentation Stand – Toi&Moi – Ant1
Large Format Truck Wrap – Nestle Ice-Creams 2017
Compact Desk Clock – Lets value our time this year!
Alcatel Shine Lite - Premium Packaging Presentation
Μ&Μ’s Limited Edition-
MEGAλύτερη απόλαυση in a box!
Mars Hellas –
Macarons Promo box
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