Tips for CorelDraw

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Exporting PDF files through Corel Draw

Before we try exporting a file we should check the following:

  • The file dimensions should be the ones we want our final printout to be cut into.
  • There should be bleed edges at least 0.3cm wide.
  • All photographs used should be CMYK and 300dpi.
  • All colors used in the file should be CMYK.


In order to export a file through Corel X4 we proceed as follows:

File à Publish to PDF

This opens a tab with 7 menus

Follow the steps shown in the images carefully



In the “Export Range” field we select “Current Document” in order to export the whole file to PDF or “Current Page” in order to export only selected page to PDF.


Submenu “General”

In the “Bitmap compression” field we select Compression Type: ZIP and then in the field below we insert: Color: 300, Grayscale: 300 and Monochrome: 1200.

We check the 2 options on the upper right side: “Compress text and lineart” and “Export all text as curves”.

Submenu “Objects”

The “Text and fonts” option is then unselected.


From the “Bookmarks” options we only check “Page Only”.

From the “Encoding” options we check “Binary”.


Submenu “Document”

We check the option “Bleed Limit” and insert 3mm and from the “Printer’s marks” options we only check “Crop Marks”.


Submenu “Prepress”

We use the settings shown in the image and only check the fields necessary.


Submenu “Advanced”

Then we go back to the submenu “General”.

In the “PDF style” field we select + and on the pop-up window we save as LYHNIA-PDF/X-3.

We press OK and then we won’t need to repeat the whole process next time.


All we’ll have to do each time will be selecting File à Publish to PDF, name the file, select “Adobe PDF” in the “Save As Type” field and “LYHNIA-PDF/X-3” in the “PDF Style” field. (See first step)

If you have followed our instructions exactly all settings should be correct.




Tips for CorelDraw

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